We are ready to help drive girls’ success

The entrepreneurial spirit of girls has inspired us to be more innovative than ever this Girl Scout Cookie Season. One of the bright minds working on our logistics team is Rachel Lewis, Senior Distribution Analyst at Little Brownie.

In her new role, Rachel’s looking at all the ways we can best support Girl Scout Cookie™ entrepreneurs through the delivery process, whether they’re selling virtually or, depending on their local circumstances, in a drive-thru or pop-up booth.

Preparations under way

With the start of the cookie season just weeks away, Rachel is now doing everything she can to prepare delivery agents for success. This includes everyone from crew members at Little Brownie cookie warehouses to key contacts at trucking operations. Her particular area of focus is the final mile before cookies get to troops.

What does that final mile look like? It extends beyond Point A and Point B and is different in all parts of the country.

A full and coordinated team effort

Working with Little Brownie leaders like Nate Woodruff, Director of Logistics and Customer Service, Rachel uses her analytical skills to identify potential roadblocks and map out ways to overcome them.

“I may look at certain areas that are prone to storms or flooding,” Rachel says. “I’m constantly asking questions. We have more than 200 delivery agents. We won’t ship a truckload to New York City the same way we ship to a town in Iowa.”

With efficiency in mind, Rachel serves as the primary point of contact for delivery agents when addressing situations as they arise. She notes that relationships are just as important as the data.

“I’m talking to delivery agents and leveraging experts in other areas to deliver the best possible experience for everyone.”

In pushing for the better, Rachel’s not only looking at potential barriers, but also asking, “Why can’t we do it? What else can we do?”

For Rachel, the why behind it all is helping girls succeed.

As happy as she is about seeing a plan come together, Rachel is more excited about helping girls reach their goals.

Amazing possibilities ahead

Rachel notes that her early job experience included working in her family’s business. That’s where she gained an appreciation of the transformation that happens across the journey of a product’s development and distribution.

Rachel’s journey with Girl Scout Cookies® has only just begun. But, as she looks far beyond Point A and B, she can see the amazing possibilities that lie ahead.