The rewards results are in!

Rewards Items ImageWe’ve tabulated the results from your responses to our recent poll on Rewards & Recognition for girls in the Girl Scout Cookie Program®. 
Here’s what you told us:

•55% of councils included Girl Rewards QR Codes on last season’s order card, which linked girls to the review videos on select rewards. Out of the rest, 32% intend to use the QR codes if offered next season.

•61% say they’d pay a little extra for rewards with a technology feature that linked to games or experiences.

Pattern preferences
Most of you voted in favor of more than one rewards design pattern. Here’s how you voted on each:

  • 84% – rewards with patterns featuring mascots and cookies
  • 63% – rewards with patterns featuring the theme logo and/or tagline
  • 53% – cookie patterns with cookie quotes
  • 29% – mascot patterns without cookies
  • 24% – unique patterns without the mascot or cookie

Additional insights
We asked if you liked the variety of rewards, and if there were other options you’d want to see:

  • 68% said the rewards catalog offered just the right number of rewards to choose from, while 32% wanted to see even more
  • Many of you would like to see more rewards in specific categories, including:
    • Additional items for camping and the beach
    • Electronics and tech gear
    • Paper products like cards and calendars
    • Something fun and unique that we’ve never offered before

We appreciate all your responses, and your ideas and preferences will be top of mind as we put together future rewards catalogs.