Secrets to finishing this season strong

Girl Scout Cookies crossing a finish line graphic

You’ve trained for this moment, and the finish line is in sight.

As you race to the end of the Girl Scout Cookie Season, we’re sharing advice from the current playbooks of several of our successful councils. Our Sales Execution Managers, Account Executives and other members of the team have found these tactics inspiring.

Try these tips to help you finish strong!

Cupboard–clearing strategies

  • When one council put a twist on their annual “Take 3 More” inventory–clearing initiative, they surpassed their year–over–year sales for that week. Each girl who took at least three cases earned a “Take 3” patch and was entered to win rewards like a tablet or smartwatch.
  • Hide a Golden Ticket inside a case of cookies and let troops know when to look for it. Whichever troop finds it can win a gift certificate to the council shop.
  • Councils are providing leader–focused incentives for troops that check out a certain number of cases during a given week. Every girl who participates gets to attend an event like a chocolatier workshop or a photography workshop. Councils can send out program packages, create a custom virtual background … so many options!

Digital opportunities

  • Recent winter weather has led to many councils extending their season by one to three weeks. Some others are subsidizing shipping of online orders, such as $5 off orders of 10 or more boxes.
  • Councils are trying out digital tactics such as creating QR codes that can be printed and drive consumers to the Cookie Finder.
  • Digital donation days for your Girl Scouts® Gift of Caring initiative can help girls meet their goals while giving back. Encourage girls to send emails through the Digital Cookie® platform asking customers to buy cookies to donate to a good cause.

Corporate connections

  • Engage board members and other community leaders to support your sale by making corporate buys for employee gifts or supporting your council’s Girl Scouts® Gift of Caring initiative.
  • A bank posted a “vote for your favorite Girl Scout Cookie™” poll on their website, and for every vote received, they bought a package of cookies and donated them to an assisted living center.

Finish strong

  • Think back to day one of the season and remember the enthusiasm and goals you had then. You are doing a job you love. Continue to be the number–one cheerleader for your girls!
  • Make a note on your calendar to prepare and submit your rewards orders, conduct your final ACH or bank reconciliation and make your Girl Scouts® Gift of Caring donation.
  • Pace yourself! The cookie season is a marathon, not a sprint!

Thanks to our LBB team for sharing the inspiration! Contributors include Kelly Ronning, Eric Venooker, Taleri Wright, Lilliea Jackson and Lynn Stull.