National Council Forum fuels ideas for the future

Little Brownie Bakers® is creating the future of the Girl Scout Cookie Program®, and councils are instrumental to this effort. We want to hear what councils have to say on all aspects of the program, so we’ve organized a National Council Forum made up of council leaders from all across the country.

Opportunity to come together

The mission of the National Council Forum is to enhance collaboration and provide a voice for Little Brownie councils in regard to strategic direction and thought leadership for the cookie program. Our plan is to rotate members every one to two years so that we include different perspectives.

The National Council Forum will brainstorm topics that include, but are not limited to, sales analytics, food direction, technology, marketing, programs and logistics. It’s an opportunity for us to come together to focus on sustainability and a 2020 vision.

Look for news and insights from the Council Forum in upcoming issues of our Cookie Insider newsletter.