Meet Lauren Walsh, new Director of Product Marketing at Little Brownie Bakers®

“My kids think I have the greatest job ever,” says Lauren Walsh, who occasionally brings home samples of cookies from work meetings.

By all accounts, her children are right, and not just because of the occasional treat.

Lauren is doing what she loves, working on a product that’s helping make a difference in girls’ lives. As the new Director of Product Marketing at Little Brownie, Lauren is involved from the idea stage to finished product. With her focus on innovation, she has a hand in everything from new concepts to quality of ingredients to packaging and sustainability.

Simply put, Lauren’s role is helping make Girl Scout Cookies from Little Brownie more irresistible.

Supporting the success of councils and girls

Right now, Lauren is busy with communication to councils on the current Girl Scout Cookie Season. She works closely with Sara Brown, the Little Brownie Director of Marketing & Communications.

Yet much of Lauren’s attention is focused on helping councils be successful in the future.

“We’re working two to five years out to create the best portfolio for our councils that we can,” she says. “We want to be sure we develop cookies with the best possible ingredients, with an eye to innovation in sustainability and packaging, a product that will excite cookie entrepreneurs and delight cookie fans.”

Lauren appears to have the ideal background for the position, most recently working for the Brach’s brand, and before coming to Ferrara, marketing OREO® cookies. Her experience is wide-ranging: Lauren also worked on marketing the Triscuit, Tropicana and McDonald’s brands. Marketing is clearly her passion, but before that she had another career working in finance.

“The opportunity for our growth here is amazing,” Lauren says. “Little Brownie Bakers has the resources and support of Ferrara behind us, a company that’s very focused on consumer-led innovation.”

A long love for Girl Scout Cookies

Lauren’s connection to Girl Scout Cookies started long before she began working for Little Brownie. As a child in New Jersey, she was a Brownie in Girl Scouts, and grew up loving the cookies.

“Thin Mints®—in the freezer. That’s my favorite,” she says.

As a mother of two boys and a daughter…and a long-time volunteer with several children’s organizations…Lauren appreciates that her work is supporting Girl Scout councils who are having a positive effect on the lives of girls.

“What’s most rewarding is the ability to make some sort of an impact—teaching children something new, seeing an experience through their eyes and bringing them new opportunities,” Lauren says of volunteering, but she could have also been talking about her career.

And of course, there are other perks to her job.

“When people find out that you work on Girl Scout Cookies, they always smile and want to tell you about their connection to the cookies or scouting in general.”