Meet Christine Dhondt, Little Brownie’s new Director of Marketing Communications

We’re delighted to welcome Christine Dhondt to our Little Brownie leadership team. Christine is no stranger to the world of Girl Scout Cookies®. She has dedicated most of her career to serving Girl Scouts, volunteers and families through her work with Girl Scouts® at the council level.

Prior to joining Little Brownie in August 2022, Christine was the Senior Director, Product Program, for Girl Scouts of Northern California. Before then, she spent six years at Girl Scouts of Western Washington and enjoyed significant success in product, philanthropy and retail operations.

In these council roles, Christine was able to hone in on her sweet spot — supporting the growth of those around her through intentional and authentic communication.

“I love seeing people grow, and I love how this happens through honest, strategic communication,” she says.

Christine also has experience as an owner and entrepreneur. This has given her a keen understanding of the significant impact of the Girl Scout Cookie Program® in helping set the stage for the future success and impact of Girl Scouts in our communities.

Communicating with consistency and intention

While many in marketing communications would say their function is all about getting the word out to audiences, Christine says her focus is on how the message is perceived.

“Communication is so much more than just sharing words. It has the power to bring people together through increasing trust, removing barriers and creating a shared purpose. It’s important to proactively focus on what matters most and to communicate what is needed, when it is needed, to honor the large scale of partners supporting the program as a community. When we accomplish this, we experience greater impact in what we do as partners with shared understanding and respect.”

Another goal for Christine is to be highly intentional about how Little Brownie conveys their commitment and belief in the power of the cookie program through best-in-class program support.

Highlighting the power of the partnership

Christine already knows the key to success is the Little Brownie Experience that makes the cookie community feel supported. She aims to build upon the legacy of the personalized experience by highlighting Little Brownie’s commitment to the future.

“Little Brownie has a long history of being more than a baker, and that dedicated support made it possible to take a program from good to great. Whether it was a customizable resource, a phone call returned within an hour, or a brainstorming session on increasing participation, the feel of a real partnership was authentic. As we all continually adapt to our changing environment, I feel it’s important to message that legacy of collaboration, integrity and innovation will continue to be our North Star. From premium cookies to marketing resources to consistency in communications, the excellence and collaboration will ring true.”

Sharing a unified vision

In setting a foundation for Little Brownie marketing communications, Christine knows she’s in a good place. She says that everyone involved in the cookie program has the same vision: to help Girl Scouts grow as entrepreneurs and leaders.

For Little Brownie’s part, she says some bold plans are on the horizon.

“Little Brownie has supported cookie entrepreneurs in their community for almost 50 years, and we are excited to expand on this tradition in innovative and creative ways for the next 50 years.”

With these marketing efforts and more to come, Christine wants to celebrate the impact Little Brownie has as a partner to Girl Scouts® and councils throughout the country.

“We are all seeking to advance entrepreneurship. As we all come together, moving forward with intentional cohesion, we can truly support Girl Scouts in changing the world.”