It’s time to celebrate volunteers!

What would we do without our amazing Girl Scout Cookie™ volunteers? They need to know how valued they really are. Read on for a few quick suggestions on wrapping up National Volunteer Month on a note of joy.

  • Be sure to honor your volunteers with celebratory posts on your social media pages. You’ll find easy-to-customize graphics and messaging for thanking volunteers in the Social Media Toolkit at
  • Check our March issue of the LBB Insider for tips on in-person and socially distanced activities to honor volunteers. There are lots of creative printables and activities that girls and their volunteers can enjoy together.
  • Say thank you often! That might mean writing a personal note to a new volunteer and announcing their role at troop meetings. You’ll make them feel good about giving their time.

If you have any more tips to add that your council has used, be sure to let us know on our LBB Facebook page.