Fantastic results for Toffee-tastic® Girl Scout Cookies®


Gluten-free Toffee-tastic cookies are part of the Little Brownie strategy to bring new customers into the Girl Scout Cookie Sale®, and it’s a strategy that has worked! Sales for Toffee-tastic cookies were up 23% in 2017-2018, compared to last season. These and other specialty cookies are adding revenues without limiting the sales of core varieties.

Higher sales are just one delicious bit of specialty news. Did you know Toffee-tastic turns 5 in 2019? In Girl Scout years, she’d be a Daisy!

Stay tuned for promotional updates for the Toffee-tastic 5-year anniversary celebration in the coming cookie season. Meanwhile, National S’mores Day on August 10 is great opportunity to promote Girl Scout S’mores® on your council’s social pages. Go to to find images from the Girl Scouts® Social Media Toolkit™ from Little Brownie.