Exciting updates for 2021-2022!

Every season brings new adventures, and we’re already excited for 2021-2022! The next Girl Scout Cookie Season will include helpful strategies and irresistible rewards with more eco-friendly packaging.

Kick it off with the Council Kit

In addition to an adventurous new theme, you can look forward to lots of helpful strategies in the 2021-2022 Council Kit. We focused on giving you ideas with clear action steps, so you’ll be geared up to support girls’ learning and their development into successful Girl Scout Cookie™ entrepreneurs.

Rewards packaging with a purpose

Girls have told us how passionate they are about the planet, and we’ve been listening. To do our part, we’ve been working to reduce the packaging on our girl rewards wherever possible. We’re also replacing plastic packaging on individual items with recyclable, paper-based packaging. Look for more info in your 2021-2022 council kit!

You’ll receive a print version of your new council kit — and rewards samples — in the mail from us in May. Informational brochures in the kit include a Rewards and Strategies Guide, Girl Scout Cookie™ Flyer and Council Resource Guide.

Via email, we’ll send you links to digital versions of these council kit materials, along with a Rally Guide and Troop Cookie Manager Manual.

We already know the next season is going to be epic. Together, we’ll help girls reach new heights!