eBudde™ Troop App is powering up for continued success

The eBudde Troop app worked hard for volunteers in 2017-2018. More than 1.8 million boxes of Girl Scout Cookies® were ordered through the app! Since eBudde is such an important tool for cookie volunteers as they manage orders on the go, we’re updating the app to add to its power, while making it even friendlier.

We’re moving beyond the initial order phase of the Girl Scout Cookie Sale® by integrating tools that volunteers can use during the booth sale. For the upcoming 2018-2019 season, the Booth Sale Recorder with Cookie Calculator and Girl Scouts® Cookie VIP eTraining™ will be part of the app.

Volunteers will be able to total cookie orders at the booth site. They can also access training videos from anywhere, at any time!

Other exciting enhancements to the eBudde Troop App include:

  • Priority markers for email messages
  • “Cookie Swap” bulletin board that makes it easy for volunteers to find the cookies
    they need from other troops
  • Booth signup with wait-list option
  • Electronic signature for deliveries
  • Pending order status for transactions
  • Option to add and edit contact lists
  • Sales data display that allows volunteers to see how numbers compare to the previous season

Updates to the eBudde Troop App are an extension of our commitment to supporting our council customers at every point of the cookie sale and beyond. Interested in hearing about other tech updates planned for the 2018-2019 cookie season? Check out our story about our new Girl Scout Cookie Technology Portal.