Congratulations to our successful councils!

Congrats to our successful councils!

As we officially close out last year’s Girl Scout Cookie Season and begin the next, we’d like to highlight the incredible successes of our council partners.

Little Brownie Bakers® invests in analytics, programs and tools to support organic sustainable growth for our councils. We are happy to announce that 41% of Little Brownie-served councils have achieved organic growth over a period of two or more years. Other councils have reached significant sales milestones in 2017 through the Girl Scout Cookie Program®.

Little Brownie team members will be presenting councils with a token of recognition for their accomplishments. Meanwhile, we’d like to extend our sincere gratitude and appreciation to our entire family of councils. We look forward to even more shared success in our Altogether Awesome 2017-2018 season!

Council achieving the highest growth percentage for 2017

Girl Scouts of the Southern Appalachians has the distinction of being a Little Brownie council with the highest growth percentage for the year. The council serves thousands of girls, volunteers and families in 46 counties throughout east and southeast Tennessee, southwest Virginia and northwest Georgia.


Councils leading the way in organic sustainable growth

Across the U.S., 57 Little Brownie councils experienced positive growth, with 31 reporting growth for two consecutive years! We also had 16 councils that realized three or more consecutive years of growth, and these included:

Girl Scouts of Hawai’i

Girl Scouts of Western Washington

Girl Scouts of Nassau County

Girl Scouts of Central Indiana

Girl Scouts of Eastern Oklahoma

Girl Scouts of Greater New York

Girl Scouts of Green and White Mountains

Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson

Girl Scouts of the Jersey Shore

Girl Scouts of Middle Tennessee

Girl Scouts Nation’s Capital

Girl Scouts of New Mexico Trails

Girl Scouts of Northern Illinois

Girl Scouts of Silver Sage

Girl Scouts of Southeast Florida

Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan


Councils reaching major milestones in the cookie sale

Kudos to councils that are enjoying success with the Girl Scout Cookie Sale®! Little Brownie would like to recognize the following councils that attained package milestones for the 2016-2017 cookie season:

5 Million Packages: Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles

4 Million Packages: Girl Scouts of Greater Atlanta

3 Million Packages: Girl Scouts of Central Indiana

2 Million Packages: Girl Scouts of West Coast Florida

1 Million Packages: Girl Scouts of the Chesapeake Bay


THANK YOU to all of our councils, from the Little Brownie family.